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Won't you come out tonight?

Sherry Marchese
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Sixteen year old spoiled little rich girl. Ok, my Daddy is a lot older than my Mama, and he's got a wandering eye... but yeah. I'm a zebra, and learning more about my family every day.

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I'm Sherry Marchese. I'm sixteen, and a high school student.

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It's just about me. Kind of like a diary, I guess. I'll write other stuff too. Whatever is on my mind.

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I didn't see the "Or" until just now, but, um, this should be fun... right? If I fall on my face... then I'll be okay. Sometimes it's hard to get up again, but you have to. Giving up really won't solve anything.

acting, biking, books, dogs, drawing, movies, music, not bugs, not creepy crawly things, staying indoors, talking, tv