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1. What was the best Christmas gift you gave? The best one you received?  I gave my Daddy a book on black mexicans- he seemed to like it a lot.  I think the best gift I got was a telescope.  This is the first year we did any kind of Christmas stuff.

2. Do you wear a watch? Digital or analog? Yeah.  I have both types of watches.  I wear whatever I find first.

3. What is the sickest you've ever been? Getting shot.  It hurts like crazy, and takes forever to heal.  I hope it doesn't mes up my acting career.

4. Who was your best friend when you were little? What was he/she like? My mom!  We hung out all the time, and she would tell me about where she grew up.  She would play dress up with me, and with Barbies... then she stared hanging with older girls.  We still talk though.  She's my Mom, so... yeah.

5. How much do you know about the supernatural? How much would you like to know? I know a lot.  Daddy has been teaching me about this stuff forever, hoping that I'll join up with Watchers or something.  He even has me working out and training in stuff- well, he did.  He told me I never have to do another supernatural thing again.  I'd like to know more, but that's just because I'm curious.
What am I thankful for?

My life... my Daddy- that I got to meet more of my family.


Mom and Dad are divorced.

When did that happen? I didn't- I had no idea they were even having more problems than normal. Dad hasn't slept home at night for as long as I can remember, and Mom wanted to keep the marriage together so badly, she didn't care.

But earlier today... they told me they had just finalized the divorce. Mom is going back to the Philippines, and Dad is getting remarried.

Did I already say What? Of course I'm going to live with Dad. I don't want to go to the Philippines. But his new wife? She's twenty-one.

And we're moving. To her hometown.


We're moving, from Georgia to California. I just want to wake up, and have all of this go away. How am I supposed to listen to a stepmother who is just a little more than 4 years older than me? Ok, so yeah. Mom is thirty eight... and that's young, but SHE'S TWENTY ONE! I hope this is a dream.

Auditions, and life

Auditions seemed to go pretty well.  I think I'll get a role soon!

So, it turns out that Dave didn't tell me everything about his roommate/ex , but it's okay.  Everything is working out.  She's got someone new.  I've got Dave, and he makes me really happy.

Well, now that the big mess is straightened out, I'm going to start another cookout!  I hope lots of people show up!

First Journal Entry

I haven't made one of these before, so here goes.

I said goodbye to Mama and Daddy today.  They told me if I ever wanna come back home, they've got the little house waiting for me.  I don't think I'm coming back.  Maybe to visit, but Georgia isn't for me.  I don't know why they moved back there anyway.  Something about roots.

Wish me luck, readers!  Is anyone reading this?  Hope I get some kind of job that I like.


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